Mommyish Poll: Should Personhood Laws Prevent IVF?

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PeronshoodPersonhood laws which seek to give embryos the same rights as a person are still among us. The extreme measure divides even the pro-life crowd as these laws would outlaw some forms of contraception and even IVF practices in the name of protecting life. Despite Personhood being voted down in Mississippi, Oklahoma’s version of Personhood will reportedly outlaw certain forms of contraception like the morning after pill. But also, doctors who perform IVF would face legal repercussions for helping women conceive.

Embryos for stem cell research would still be legal, but if you’re a pregnant following a rape or looking to start IVF, you’re just out of luck, ladies. Reuters reports:

The bill offers no exceptions in the case of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest and could mean some forms of contraception such as the “morning after pill” would be unavailable, she said.

Doctors who perform in vitro fertilization procedures also will be unlikely to continue for fear of prosecution, she added.

This measure has passed the Senate in Oklahoma and is now headed to the House where it is also expected to pass among pro-life Republicans. And while the idea of banning birth control carries its own particular brand of ludicrous, this law carries very drastic consequences for the women struggling with infertility.

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