Mommyish Poll: At What Age Is It Appropriate For Little Girls To Wear Bikinis?

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It’s summer which means you’ve probably been picking out bathing suits with your kids. While there’s few tantrums that can happen over boys’ swimsuits, the choice for mothers to go bikini or not can spark fights that, depending on your daughter’s age, you perhaps weren’t prepared to have with her. It may be 2011, but some mothers are quite divided on when exactly, if at all, to put their little girl in a bikini top.

While many little girls nowadays sport bikinis, there was quite a backlash some years ago when designer Ashley Paige, known for her knitted bikinis, used a presumably 10-year old girl (pictured above) in her catwalk. Some mothers I chatted with found there to be no problem with putting a baby in a bikini but some tended to sway their daughters more towards tankinis. Every mother has a opinion. What’s yours?