Mommyish Poll: Are The Rioters In London The Result Of Bad Parenting?

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There has been quite a lot in the press lately about how the Brits should react to the London rioters, and many are convinced that the violence has everything to do with parenting. The subject prompted a discussion that even divided our editorial staff on the role parenting plays in this civic unrest.

Deputy editor Koa Beck and contributor Lindsay Cross argued that more cultural and social elements go amiss when solely blaming parents. “I think that parents are the easy excuse here,” said Lindsay. “It’s harder to look at cultural and social causes. Its a lot easier to say these random, unnamed parents are terrible.”

Our associate editor Mollie Hemingway, however, pointed out that even if parenting isn’t the root, it certainty can’t be ignored. “At heart,” she said, “these people seem to think that senseless violence and robbing of other people is perfectly fine. You’re going to argue parents don’t have a role there?…It’s one thing to blame parents for their kids’ bad behavior. It’s entirely another to act as if these children are products of good parenting.”

So what do you think, mommies? Take the poll and hit up the comments too on this.

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