Mommyish Poll: Are Dads With Baby Slings Less Attractive?

My fellow editors and I were chatting about reactions that we’ve been getting from our piece “DILF Beach: When Did Dads Get So Hot,” and the discussion eventually turned to dads with baby slings. Despite that the piece focused on the appeal of a man actively caring for his children, the image of a man with a Baby Bjorn divided us. Apparently the one exception to DILF-ness is the presence of a baby carrier.

Our editor in chief Shawna, a self-identified feminist, said that the visual was an instant turn off even though the doting nature kept with the DILF criteria. Given that many mothers do want more involved fathers, particularly when it comes to childrearing, this presents a problematic schism. Personally, I don’t think the sling hinders a DILF in the slightest but we, of course, now want to know what you think. If you do find a Daddy with a baby carrier unattractive, why? If it gives that DILF another boost, tell us more.

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