Mommyish Parents Plan To Talk About AIDS With Their Kids

Good news coming straight from the Mommyish polls. Stigmas, gaps in sex education, and nervous parents wary about getting into awkward territory with their kids be damned. The majority of Mommyish readers plan to discuss AIDS and HIV with their kids.

Mommyish poll HIV AIDSA whopping 87.5% say that when it comes their parenting trajectory, discussing the virus with their kids is on the agenda. A more conservative number says that they plan to wait until their kids approach sexual maturity to discuss risks and transmission. And aren’t we proud to report that a glaring 0% are leaving HIV/AIDS discussions up to the schools.

While comprehensive sex education obviously secures the likelihood of well-informed children, stepping in as a parent and closing up any holes that may linger as a result of limited funding, your child’s sexual orientation, or other pitfalls ensure that your kid will take all the necessary precautions.

Gold parenting stars for everyone.

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