Mommyish Is Back! We Hope You Missed Us as Much as We Missed You

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anigif_enhanced-9131-1429370894-2(Via Buzzfeed)

Good morning, everybody! I never thought I’d get to say this, but Mommyish is back!

I’m as surprised as anybody by this turn of events, but also delighted. There is a great big Internet full of parenting sites out there, but no other Mommyish. We closed our metaphorical doors back in April, and I’ve spent the past two months going from site to site looking for the kind of community we have over here, but I never quite found it. The Mommyish community appears to be unique in its embrace of cute babies, viral videos, social justice, current events, and being very, very smart and very, very dumb at the same time. (It’s really quite difficult to find a parenting site that will let you use words like “erudite” and “shitballs” in the same article, but that’s Mommyish in a nutshell.)

We’ve missed a lot of news in the interim. Chrissy Teigen had her baby! The Stanford rapist was given a shamefully light sentence because apparently prison would be unfairly tough for a blond man who can swim fast. Hillary Clinton is running for president against Donald Trump. Harambe the Gorilla! Hot dog princess! Kim Kardashian probably did something. It was tough to watch all that from the sidelines, but now we’re back to cover all the very important stuff, and a lot of the stuff that is just fun and cute. (I will never, ever stop talking about how much I love North West.)

I’d like to thank whichever of you wonderful members of the Mommyish community encountered a magical fairy godmother and used one of your three wishes to make Mommyish start publishing again, because that was a wish well spent. I hope you used the other two to win the lottery and make your kids sleep through the night.

I’m sure you’ve all got a lot of questions, and I’ll do my best to answer them in the comments.

Welcome back, everybody!