Mommyish’s Guide To Taking The Ultimate Pregnant Selfie

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pregnant barbieTaking a flattering pregnant selfie is an elusive art, ladies. Those of you who have struggled to find a flattering angle of yourself in your third trimester, all the while trying to navigate flash/no flash options, and have promptly given up to go Pinterest-ing instead know exactly what I mean. Goodness knows you’ve seen enough unfortunate attempts in your Facebook feed to post some half ass lame-ness. Selfies require a nefarious skill set, in which people are either really, really good at it (sometimes a little too good), or just terrible. Lucky for you, I’ve seen enough pregnant selfies in my Mommyish tenure to school you on the ways of the capturing your pretty. So grab your bump, your phone, the nearest mirror, and let’s do this.


Step 1: Prep Work

Before you start Instagramming away, you should know that there are some minor details that will make all the difference in your selfie glamor shots. Those include:

    • Painted/manicured nails
  • A cell phone cover

Some of the best executed selfies I have ever seen always involve some kind of nail/iPhone cover coordination. This doesn’t mean you have to go to the Apple store and spend like $30 on an iPhone cover that is more befitting for a 19-year-old (unless you are a 19-year-old/roll like that). Nor do you need to drop another chunk of change on a fancy shellac manicure. Be one of the DIY moms and paint your own nails after ordering an iPhone cover on Amazon for less than two dollars.

Next is location, location, location. A full length mirror is REQUIRED for this exercise. So whether you’ll be working in your bedroom, the bathroom, or your garage, assess your surroundings. Things you’ll definitely want to remove from your surrounding area include:

    • dog food
    • dirty laundry
    • a messy bed
    • your other children

You want your viewer to focus on you. Not that your rumpled sheets are mismatched or that your partner left his or her dirty socks behind you.

The same goes for your other kids, if you have any. There will be plenty of time for “I’m a big brother!” moments with the hands to the belly photo opportunities. This is called the SELFIE for a reason.

Step 2: Wardrobe Selection

Wear whatever the hell you want. If you’re at your most badass in a leopard print A-symmetrical top and a glittery mini skirt, go for it.


If you’re more the comfy yoga pants type, stick with that.

pregnant selfie(photo: amfairbanks)

If you’re anywhere in between, feel free to mix and match with leopard print and yoga pants. Seriously, who cares what you’re wearing as long as you like what you’re wearing.

pregant selfie 6


Don’t feel like you have to shy away from from the bikinis either just because you’re knocked up. The bikini pregnant selfie is totally happening thanks to pioneering ladies in the selfie arena like Jessica Simpson:

jessica simpson pregnant selfie

It’s totally about your comfort level and what you don’t mind circulating throughout the Internetsphere.

If you want to to emphasize your bump (perhaps because it’s early in your pregnancy or you’re just super body positive like that), go with stripes or patterns:

pregnant selfie 8

(photo: bump-to-birth.tumblr)

If you want to downplay your bump (because you’re late in your pregnancy or just don’t feel like putting it all out there) stick with dark solid colors:

pregnant selfie 9


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