Mommyish Gift Guide: 10 Ugly Christmas Outfits For Babies And Kids

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God, Christmas sure does provide ample opportunities for heinous dressing, doesn’t it? Even though ugly Christmas sweaters have become fun, ironic things you wear to get drunk in at fun, ironic parties, there are still scores of people earnestly dressing in holiday-themed garments with questionable taste levels. Even worse? They’re doing it to their children.

Here are ten terrible Christmas outfits (Ok, I admit some are worse than others) that would please the Grinch.


1. Christmas Petti Romper Headband Set, Baby Bloomz Boutique on Etsy, $19.95. This is not at all a warm garment for a child to wear during the holidays. She looks, sadly, like a baby showgirl.


2. Mickey And Minnie Christmas Sweater, Tacky Ugly Christmas on Etsy, $35.00. I probably actually would have LOVED to wear this when I was about seven years old. The bells! The beads! But reselling something like this for $35? Please.


3. Pink Christmas Dress, Zulily, sold out. Yes, this is sold out but I had to include it because there’s nothing like encouraging traditional gender roles and the pinkification of little girls!


4. Alien With Santa Hat Ugly Christmas Sweater, Captain Jacks on Etsy, $28.00. This isn’t something I would put on my kid, but I guess it could be a festive way to combine a kid’s love to aliens with the season. I guess.


5. Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater, TipIt Designs on Etsy, $65.00. Good news! This is available in both children’s AND adult sizes!


6. Personalized Dear Santa Shirts, Aim To Please Creations On Etsy, $21.99. The perfect way to foster love between siblings during the season of giving.


7. Holiday Ribbons And Sequins Infant Gown, Cassie’s Closet Inc, $39.99. Oh, my god. Well, now we know that blood red infant “gowns” exist. For the parents that want their child to resemble an underage mermaid!


8. White Petti Lace Romper, Harts And Roses On Etsy, $39.85. Very similar to the one above, I know, but I just can’t get over the fact that people manufacture strapless tube rompers for babies and toddlers and market them as holiday wear.


9. Red Velvet Holiday Bo Peep Dress And Pant, Cassie’s Closet Inc, $110 for dress, $65 for matching pants. What is going on here and why?


10. Vintage Barney Sweater, Carnival Of The Maniac on Etsy, $34.50. Yup. Yup. Yup.

All photos via respective retailers