Mommyish Gift Guide: Presents For Your Girly Girl That Don’t Include Nail Polish Or Crotchless Thongs

pink dollhouse

If you happen to be blessed with an extremely feminine child, gift shopping may at first seem easy. Every time you turn down a toy aisle, an array of sparkled skirts and pink accessories awaits you — so much so that you could just pick about anything and you know that as long as Barbie is on the package, you’re safe. But if you have a little girl who turns up her nose at sports and wants nothing more than a baby doll, your challenges as a parent are in fact tougher. Because even though an assortment of Bratz dolls and sexualizing dress up costumes may peek her interest, wading through what appeals to her femininity and what problematizes it can be a difficult call.

So here are some Mommyish-approved gifts that not only indulge her girly side, but also encourage her to become a veterinary, learn about history, tackle a new craft project, and maybe even start her own business — Barbie included.


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