Mommyish Editor-In-Chief Shawna Cohen Discusses ‘Deadbeat Nanny’ On ‘Her Say’

Our very own Shawna Cohen appeared on Her Say this morning to speak with host Soleil Moon Frye and co-host Daphne Brogdon about recent Mommyish article Why I Love My Deadbeat Nanny.

In the piece, Mommyish columnist Ellen Himelfarb discusses her unconventional decision to hire an unmotivated, slightly kooky, highly available nanny to look after her two young girls. As Ellen explains:

While other parents diligently check credentials, interview references and smell for cigarette odor, I appreciate in our nanny the things that make her unemployable in the real world. She has little ambition and no real understanding of the world outside the four blocks separating our house from hers, where she lives with (read: off) her parents. She’s had a string of boyfriends I’ve never met because they probably don’t care enough to come visit her on the job, poor thing. She plays no team sports, dislikes travel, doesn’t drive and her social life starts after most mothers have long since rejected their husbands’ advances and rolled over for the night. All that says Nanny of the Year in our household.

Some readers wrote in to thank Ellen for such a ballsy and hilarious piece while others criticized her, claiming she’s taking advantage of this poor girl. We were thrilled to continue the discussion on Her Say. Take a look!

[youtube_iframe id=”HYoDKphlZdQ”]

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