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Mommyish Is In The Disqus Community Spotlight Featuring Our Very Own Lite Brite!

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LiteBriteI think we all love Disqus. It lets us up vote, it lets us down vote and it lets us post Gifs. What’s not to love? And the love us back, because about a week ago I received a lovely email from them saying they would like to feature our little home on the internet on their community spotlight. They chose our very own Lite Brite to be featured and they illustrated her and here is what they had to say:

Mommyish is not your typical parenting site. And LiteBrite, a rad commenter from their community, is the embodiment of their commitment to fresh and open dialogue about what it takes to be a modern parent. Whether she’s commenting on sex, pregnancy, relationships, raising kids, or the occasional story about baby teeth necklaces, LiteBrite is a commenter you want around. Her personal anecdotes lend depth to her opinions, and allow her authenticity to shine through as brightly as her name suggests. Plus, she’s a roller girl. And let’s be honest, a woman who knows how to throw an elbow with a smile is going to be a sparkling addition to any community.

You can read her full interview here and it’s pretty awesome, and she says quite a few very nice things about Mommyish.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, the reason why I love my job as editor so much is because of YOU guys. You all make it so fun to come to work and you give me so many things to think about and laugh about and be touched by daily. That Disqus recognized us as being a great community says a lot, especially about all of you readers and LITE BRITE for making it such a wonderful place to waste some time on the web.

Thanks to all of you fantastic and funny and very-not-sanctimommy commenters and a special shout out to Lite Brite for always being well, Lite Brite:

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(Image: Disqus)