Mommyish Debate: Is Complaining About Private School Tuition On $400,000 A Year Just Plain Ludicrous?

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The desire to educate crosses income levels, geography, and ethnicity.   Everyone wants their child to succeed in life and the opportunity to excel begins with a solid education.  What are we willing to sacrifice to get them that education?  Well one Manhattan woman feels like she’s sacrificing plenty, unlike those other people who just rely on financial aid.

The anonymous mother of two wrote on Urban Mommy that she’s struggling to pay her kid’s private school tuition on her combined family income of $400,000 a year. She says that she could quit her job, stay at home, lower their income to a measly $200,000 and receive financial aid. Instead, she continues to work, and write angry blog posts about it.

Understandably, complaining about financial issues from someone who makes more than 90% of the country didn’t really go over well. There was a whole lot of angry interneters out there. But, underneath all that utter lack of awareness, did this random New York City mama raise a good point? Despite her ignorance, did she highlight a serious problem with the education system, where a family making triple-digits still feels like they’re struggling to afford a good school? Lindsay Cross and Carinn Jade debate this mom’s idiocy and the bigger issues.