Mommyish Debate: Will Male Birth Control Make Unintended Pregnancy More Than A ‘Slutty’ Women’s Issue?

magic pillWe keep hearing that we’re getting closer and closer to male birth control. Back in June we learned that it might be in the form of a gel, which really didn’t excite anyone. Now, we learn that a birth control pill for men is one step closer to pharmacies and bedrooms everywhere.

Women are understandably excited by this idea. After centuries of feeling solely responsible for the prevention of pregnancy, it’s nice to think that men might finally get involved in the process. We’re excited to think about the implications this could have on the broader gender issues surrounding pregnancy and parenthood.

But while some are excitedly awaiting a magic pill for men, others think that we might be getting a little worked up over something that won’t have a huge impact. Our own editors Koa Beck and Lindsay Cross discuss male birth control and how it might change gender politics. Or if it will have an effect at all.


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