Infographic Reveals Just How Much Weight Mommy Bloggers Are Throwing Around

Mommy blogging has proved to be a powerful force in these trying economic times. While many big companies have been toiling to stay afloat since our recession, others have becoming attuned to the tremendous buying power of The Mommy Blogger. Why spend money on expensive advertising when you can just hand a product to a dozen mommy bloggers and let them have it? Even big studios are getting the message, what with rounding up this childless mommy blogger and several others onto the the set of What to Expect When You’re Expecting to essentially function as an additional leg of their PR team. Granted, we’re clearly not on their payroll — and that can go awry. But the extensive reach of our communities have the business world practically at our beck and call as they peruse cornerstones like “Dooce” and “Girl’s Gone Child” wondering how to get a piece of that mommy blogging pie.

To evidence such an influence, HR Block put together this infographic highlighting not only the movers and shakers of the parenting blogosphere, but also fun facts regarding education, average age, annual income, and the top mommy blogging markets by city. The term “mommy blogger” might still irk some, but we’re clearly a corner of the web worth noting.

Click image to enlargeEarth Day 2012Source: H&R Block

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