Mom Uses Terrible Judgment And Craigslist To Find Driver For 9-Year-Old Son

craigslistA mom has been arrested on charges of contributing to the deprivation of a minor, for consulting Craigslist to find her nine-year-old son a ride from their home in suburban Atlanta to visit his grandmother in Sarasota, Florida. An eight hour drive. With a total stranger. What could possibly go wrong?

Realistically, probably nothing. I believe the good people in the world outnumber the bad ones. It’s not unlikely that the child could have made the trip unscathed. That’s not this issue. The issue is – What in the hell were you thinking mom?

Here are the details: A man posted on Craigslist, offering to split the cost of driving to the Sarasota, Florida area. Shelia Sherrie Joyner¬†answered the ad, saying she wanted to send her son to visit his grandmother. When the man found out the boy was nine-years-old, he contacted authorities.¬†Joyner was arrested “after a baby sitter arrived with the boy at the drop-off point on Friday.” A babysitter. So not only does she have no problem finding a stranger on Criagslist to take her son on an eight hour drive – she doesn’t even go scope out the dude herself. She sends a babysitter. After I read that I stopped caring about her situation entirely. This mother is ridiculous.

One of the news articles covering the story had a bunch of comments comparing the situation with a child traveling on a plane alone, and saying it was no big deal:

This was a poor parenting decision, but no crime was committed.This really isn’t too different than a child flying unattended. I can’t say that I would trust some airport attendant I’ve never met anymore than I would a stranger on craigslist.
And she gets arrested in the South. How many get arrested when they do this at the airport?
Seriously? Not the same thing at all. When a child flies solo, he is dropped off at the gate and handed off to a flight attendant. You know exactly where your child is for the duration of his trip – in the air. The flight attendant hands him off to a parent at the other end. Not the same thing as sending a babysitter off to hand over your child to a complete stranger.
I think the guy was right to call the authorities. That kind of judgment is alarming.

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