Mom Threatens To Shoot Protesters If Her Precious Snowflake Son Misses The Eagles Game

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With all the protests presently taking place across the country to sound off against police brutality, it’s a great time to teach your child the function and importance of civil disobedience. Or, you can totally ignore that — and teach him to threaten to shoot people when he doesn’t get his way. That’s what one mom opted for, when she thought her precious offspring was going to miss a Philadelphia Eagles game because of crowds of Americans protesting the death of Eric Garner.



Marykate Nyman Blankenburg is not only a mom, she’s a high school guidance counselor. Great.

On Sunday, a group of protesters staged a four and a half minute “die-in” following the Eagles home game in South Philadelphia. Apparently there were rumors the protests were going to happen, and Blankenburg was terrified it may affect her child’s ability to watch grown men toss a ball around. Don’t protest injustice if it could possibly affect the timing of a football game, America!

Blankenburg’s post was discovered, and she was suspended without pay while the district launches an investigation. An investigation into what? Why teachers repeatedly seem to forget that social media is a public forum and they maybe should refrain from threatening to kill people on it?

Blankenburg gave the “someone must have gotten a hold of my iPad” defense. Oh my god. Really? Do people really think that defense is believable at all? Not only does her official statement say that someone probably got a hold of her iPad, but that they did it while she was teaching Sunday school.

Way to lay it on thick, lady. Sorry, you already lost your opportunity to be viewed as a decent human when you decided to threaten people marching against racial injustice.