Turns Out Threatening To Blow Up Your Daughter’s School Won’t Change Her Failing Grade

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Oh, dear. Look, I don’t always impart the best communication tactics when I’m frustrated. Or when I’m irate, disappointed, seeing red, etc. But I’m of sound enough mind to know that if I want to convey my point effectively, threatening to bomb something/someone probably *isn’t* going to get me what I want in the end. This realization never dawned on a Staten Island mom, however, because that’s exactly what she did in response to her daughter’s school.

Karen Shearon allegedly said she was “going to blow up the school” when a guidance counselor called to tell her that her daughter failed her Regents exam.  Students are required to pass Regents exams in five core subjects to graduate high school in New York. Totally natural reaction, right? Jesus. I’d hate to see how Karen would react to acual serious news. God bless that woman’s family and friends (if she even has any).

Police investigated the threat and arrested Psycho Mom for aggravated harassment Thursday, officials said. Psycho Mom admitted to receiving the call from the guidance counselor, according to court papers. She was awaiting arraignment Friday.

At least the school was willing to bend over backwards to accommodate the terroristic threat and issue the student an ‘A’ instead. LOL JUST KIDDING. Here’s hoping some much needed, court-ordered family therapy is in her near future.

(Photo: Staten Island Advance/Anthony DePrimo)