16 Mom Struggles That Dads Will Probably Never Understand

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mom struggles

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We now live in a world where parenting is slowly becoming a more and more equally-shared part of life. While mothers continue to bear the brunt of the parental responsibility, fathers, as a whole, have been stepping up to the plate more reliably. Many parts of parenting are no longer solely Mommy’s problem. Dads wake up for middle-of-the-night feedings. Dads proudly wear their babies so their wives can take a break from being touched. Dads change diapers. Dads understand that being the sole parent in charge while Mom goes out for a night with friends is appreciated, but also expected.

But not everything can be split 50/50. And there are some issues that are still Mom’s problem more often than not, or even 100% of the time. There are some things that Dads will never fully understand because they haven’t experienced it themselves, physically or mentally. Whether it’s the struggles of pregnancy or aspects of actual childrearing, the, um, struggle is very real. Read on for some issues that most fathers will never really understand.

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