A Mom Showed Her College-Bound Daughter How it’s Done by Taking Hilarious Selfies With the Football Team

College orientation for incoming freshmen can be a nerve-wracking experience. Besides figuring out a major and getting the lay of the land, there’s also the tricky business of making friends. One college-bound young woman probably wasn’t expecting her own mom to make more friends than her at orientation, but that’s exactly what happened. But they weren’t just any random students. No, her mom made friends with the football team ””and she took hilarious selfies with them.

When Avery Leilani showed up for her orientation at Texas State University, she was anxious to learn the ropes. After saying goodbye to her mom, she went off to orientation while mom Danielle participated in some parent activities. Still, Avery was totally shocked when she got a text from her mom updating her on her whereabouts:

is their mascot the Cougars?
Image: Twitter / @Avery_Leilani
is their mascot the Cougars?
Image: Twitter / @Avery_Leilani

Danielle had attended a parents’ dinner in the football stadium, and while she was there she found out about a contest the school was having. Avery explained to theBERRY, “The parents got to go down on the football field. My mom told me they said to try and take a silly selfie with the football players because whoever does wins a scholarship for $500. She said everyone was trying to hide that they were trying to get the football players in the background of the photo so she decided to just walk up to them and ask. It was the football players ideas to do silly action shots!”

I have done WAY WORSE things for the opportunity to win $500.

Avery tweeted out a picture of her mom’s shenanigans and the tweet went insanely viral.

don't wait up
Image: Twitter / @Avery_Leilani

Twitter, of course, lost its collective mind:

time to audit some classes
Image: Twitter / @MannyJalpa
hooking her girl up
Image: Twitter / @Smilinjai

Even @wikiHow got in on the action:

chillest mom ever
Image: Twitter / @wikiHow

Avery and her mom have a great sense of humor, but what I want to know is: DID SHE WIN THE $500?

(Image: Twitter / @Avery_Leilani)

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