Mom Sends Son Care Package of Trash He Forgot to Take Out

 (Twitter/Connor Cox)

Westminster College student Connor Cox is an exceedingly lucky kid. While he’s studying criminal justice at school, his loving mom sends him care packages full of food. But last time he went to get his box, he found two boxes instead. At first he thought his mom had sent him two boxes of food–jackpot!–but when he opened the second box, it was full empty soda cans, tissues, and plastic bags. His mom had genuinely just mailed him a care package of trash.

“I got two boxes and I opened one and it had food in it and I realized there wasn’t food in the other one,” the college freshman told ABC News. “It was a bunch of trash, tissues [and] soda cans.”

Cox was bewildered and did not recognize the garbage or understand his mom’s message, so he called her to ask why she had sent him a box  full of trash. He actually thought it had been a mistake and she sent him the wrong box by accident, and a box of delicious treats was headed to a landfill somewhere.

That’s when Terri Cox reminded her son that he’d said he’d take out the trash and keep his room clean when he was home over Christmas break, but then he left piles of literal garbage around his room–which she had just cleaned for him before he came home. She wasn’t about to leave a room in her house full of garbage until her son came back for another visit, but she also wasn’t about to let him think he could get away with leaving piles of trash in his room for her to clean up. So she packaged up all the trash from his floor in a box, and mailed it to him at college.

”I guess I thought I could get away with it all and have her clean it up, but she showed me otherwise,” Connor told Buzzfeed.

That’s the sort of thing one imagines doing–like every time my husband leaves a full roll of toilet paper on top of the empty cardboard roll in the dispenser, and I think about stockpiling all those empty cardboard tubes and filling his closet with them–but it’s generally too much work for too little payoff to actually go through with.

It was worth it for Terri Cox, though, and she and her son seem to have the same sense of humor, because they both thought this was hilarious.

“My mom always had a huge sense of humor,” Connor said.

The younger Cox posted a photo of his care-less package to Twitter, and his friends thought it was the funniest thing he’d ever seen. And she still sent him the care package full of food!

Connor might need to keep an eye out for additional boxes, though, because he told Buzzfeed that the trash in the box was just what he’d left in plain view all over the floor of his room. He says his clothes drawers are also full of secret garbage piles, and one suspects Terri Cox is not going to be putting up with any of that once she finds out about it.

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