If You’re Strapped For Cash, Consider Selling Your Breastmilk To Dudes Online

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money-bottleIf you’re one of those lucky women who has a freezer bursting with breastmilk – good news! You can sell the stuff to dudes online and make a killing. Who knew? I have zero moral problems with this. I’m kind of bummed I’m not breastfeeding anymore. Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

26-year-old Rebecca Hudson from Manchester appeared on the British morning show This Morning and revealed she’s funding her Christmas shopping with the money she’s made selling excess breastmilk. She’s already made almost $6,000 since she started selling it. She sells it for almost $20 a bottle. Liquid gold!

She came up with the idea after realizing she was producing more milk than her breastfeeding child needed. She says some of her buyers are body builders and some you it for “sexual purposes.” Apparently breastmilk has “sexual purposes.” Not quite sure what those would be, but I assure you — if it exists, someone, somewhere has fetishized it. I had to pull myself out of an internet rabbit hole after I googled, “sexual uses for breastmilk.” This revealed a lot of men turned on by actually breastfeeding, but I found nothing about the milk itself. A quick look on Craigslist produced a lot of ads though, so clearly someone is buying. I just can’t imagine mothers turning to Craigslist to find milk for their children, so the idea of men using it just seems shockingly feasible to me. I could be wrong about that.

But back to this woman and the thousands of dollars she’s made: good for her. She has a product and she’s selling it. She told the morning show, “What they do with the milk is up to them. I’m not going to discriminate. There’s no difference for anyone who wants to use the milk, from a bodybuilder to someone who wants to use it sexually.” Agreed. It’s not like she’s selling guns or drugs. Breastmilk isn’t exactly dangerous in the wrong hands.

I never had an excess of breastmilk: I was one of those mothers who could barely keep up with what my child needed. But if I found myself with a freezer full of breastmilk and realized I could make $20 a bottle selling it, you better believe I would unload that stuff. I wouldn’t care where it ended up, either.

(photo: Alan Bailey/ Shutterstock)