Mom Trolls Sanctimommies Everywhere By Writing How She Joyfully Takes Her Kids To Hooters

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hootersbabySound the sanctimommy alarm because one mother has declared Hooters “covertly family-friendly.” In the wake of the restaurant’s 30th birthday today, she reports that the company is “revamping its image” to go more PG. But she says that she has been bringing her family there for over a decade anyway. LOLZ.

Kavita Varma-White writes that she first started taking the fam to Hooters back when her daughter was one. She did so hesitantly:

I became a Hooters convert 13 years ago, when my husband first suggested we take our 1-year-old daughter to the chain in our then-hometown of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. At the time, I was not only suspect, I was offended. Why would you want to expose our girl to THAT kind of girl, the kind that seems to be hired based on looks and then agrees to wear a uniform that’s like a roadside billboard for boobs and butt ? Why would you want to expose ME to that?

He insisted it was a place where families go. Since this particular Hooters had an open-air deck with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, I conceded…

I’m wincing at “THAT kind of girl” but let her finish. Varma-White asserts that when you have a family in tow, it doesn’t really matter what “shtick” is going on. It’s all about the following to make a positive dining experience for a family:

…the check list is pretty straight-forward.

Are there high chairs or booster seats? (Check.) Are there crayons and a kid’s menu? (Check.)

Are there chicken strips and French fries; a raucous din that can veil the loudest tantrum; a wait-staff that seems unperturbed by the mess left on and under the table; a diaper changing spot in the bathroom?

Quadruple check. So, is there even a question? (Not to mention, babies eat at ‘hooters’ first, right? Why wouldn’t they feel right at home? )

The mother of two understands why some would find the mere appearance of the female (always female) staff “offensive,” given that guests are “being served by women dressed for decoration.” Her assessment is that Hooters isn’t all that different from the standard characters kids see in children’s media anyway:

It’s more of a shtick, actually — not that different from going to a character dinner at Walt Disney World. Tinkerbell, Jasmine, Ariel, they all show a fair amount of skin. If the scantily costumed creatures aren’t going to mind if my kid leaves mashed Cheerios all over the place, who am I to judge what they wear?

I like the way this mom rolls.

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