Moms Seriously Pissed Kids Are Being Made To ‘Freeze’ At School

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shutterstock_63146341__1383485994_142.196.156.251Two mothers in Rancho Cordova California are on a mission to get their kids’ elementary school to stop making children hold the “freeze” position before they return to their classrooms after recess. They don’t want their daughters assuming the “almost pornographic” pose. You can’t make this stuff up.

The “freeze” position is a way to get kids to stop where they are and calm down. I’m sure we’re all familiar with “red-light, green-light.” If your kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba, they do a version too; Wiggle wiggle wiggle, stop. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, stop. Wiggle wiggle wiggle… hoooooold stiiillllllll… Administrators from White Rock Elementary School claims it has students stop at the end of recess and put their hands on their knees “to calm kids down, make the walk back to class more orderly and prevent injuries.” Mothers Donna Brown and Heather Neuman say, not all kids freeze at the same time and some children are left with their hands on their knees for minutes:

Neuman’s daughter is in the 6th grade. She feels the position is victimizing, and almost pornographic.

“My daughter is bent over and assumed this position,” Neuman explained. “She could be like that for 10 minutes, until you get kids to bend over and freeze.”

“Why are we preparing our children to take a submissive position for the future?” parent Donna Brown asked.

I wonder what Brown is going to do when she finds out there’s a song called, Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes and the school has been making kids sing that, too? We shouldn’t be instructing our kids to touch themselves. That’s just wrong.

Are you kidding me, ladies? Administrators aren’t making children twerk back to the classroom, they are asking them to pause and put their hands on their knees. If you both truly think there is something pornographic about that… well, I don’t know what to say. I have no words. Brown’s school has taken her concerns seriously and now makes children freeze and put their hands on their noses, instead.

Here’s the petition if you want to see activism at work. Be right back; I just rolled my eyes so hard I think they’re stuck that way.

(photo: Felix Mizioznikov/ Shutterstock)