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An Open Letter To The Women Who Ran A Half Marathon Weeks After Giving Birth

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You really are amazing.

You probably started having sex with your husband with some regularity right away after birth, too. Again, you’ve got me beat. This is a phenomenon which I hear about from time to time, and aside from the sheer pain I’d imagine at such, I just want to scream “DO YOU NOT BLEED, WOMAN?” At the point in which I stopped wearing huge, bulky pads postpartum, you were already running farther than I had even managed to get in my car and drive. And you were definitely having lots more sex. Yes, definitely.

No offense but, you’re making me look really bad here. And like a liar and a jerk.

I tell my husband that postpartum is tough and that I need his help. I tell him the breastfeeding is demanding and that most women DO NOT want to have lots of sex immediately after birth. I had him pretty sold on all of it, too. But now, I just hope he doesn’t cross your path because he will think it’s all lies, lies and more lies.

Don’t get me wrong, I think my body is pretty damn amazing. I housed two babies and managed to push them out along with a bunch of other crap. If I’m feeling bad about myself all I have to do is look at their beautiful tiny, dirt and marshmallow covered faces, when they aren’t screaming at me or screaming Frozen at me, or just screaming for no reason, and then I feel better. Usually. Sometimes.

But, your body is definitely operating on a whole other level. You make it look easy, this motherhood thing, this womanhood thing, this life. All of it. You go, girl. Do your thing. Don’t worry about the rest of us. You gotta live your life. Haters gonna hate but not me. I’m suuuuper happy for you.

Anyway, I’m not telling you to take it down a notch, but if you did, that’d be cool. I mean, your flat abs and insane ass might make some people feel bad about themselves. Not me — Less secure people.

Keep on rockin’, mama. You inspire me… to keep drinking … to go for the gold!


Your biggest, not jealous at all, fan, Sarah


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