Mom Loses it When Flight Attendant Asks Her To Stop Torturing Other Passengers With Bubble Guppies

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shutterstock_127668155__1411385757_142.196.167.223A mom traveling with her two-year-old daughter became irate when an airline attendant asked her to turn her tablet off. Her daughter will not wear headphones, hence everyone around her had to be subjected to Dora or Bubble Guppies or whatever Mom was using to entertain her kid inflight. Mom truly could not wrap her brain around the difference between using a tablet with and without headphones, argued with the attendant about the rule, and was met by officers when she got off the plane.

Yelling Mom: “The only thing that happened on that plane was that the lady told me that I needed to turn off my tablet, while everyone else got to listen to theirs because my TWO-YEAR-OLD won’t wear headphones. That’s all that happened! Nothing else happened! And the lady sitting next to me on the plane told you the same thing, right?”

Officer: “No. You were over-talking her. So we couldn’t ask her.”

Commence another few minutes of freaking out – in which this woman yells at officers repeatedly, telling one of them he has an “attitude.” This is basically the visual definition of white privilege. She then goes on to claim that the officer who is “annoying her” needs to leave the area immediately because he’s making her feel “unsafe” and she is an American citizen with rights.

“I am an American citizen. I have rights, right? This man does not make me feel safe can you please remove him from my presence?”

One of the officers attempts to explain the rules of air travel, the gist basically being that you need to follow orders and not freak out — because if you freak out you will be removed from the plane. He tells her that since people were complaining about the volume of her tablet, she needed to turn it off. She insists “you could barely hear it.” Somehow I doubt that, since it was audible enough for someone to complain and the attendant to ask her to turn it off.

If you can manage to make it through two-and-a-half minutes of this woman talking over six officers and raising her voice while she’s doing it — insisting that she does not have to comply with air travel rules, yada, yada, yada — you will get to the best part of the video. If you can’t I’ll let you cheat. It’s at 2:05:

Yelling Mom: “You’re all going on YouTube. All of you.”

Officer: “If they tell you something, you need to follow their directions.”

Yelling Mom: “No I don’t. Because I’m not a robot… Do I look like a robot?

Officer: “It’s a Federal offense to interfere with a flight crew.”

Air travel sucks. It’s terrible when all conditions are optimal and you don’t have an asshole screaming about her “rights” while sitting next to you on a plane — totally unbearable when you do. I’m absolutely 100% behind throwing people who act this way off planes. Flying makes a lot of people very uneasy. An entitled mom screaming about her toddler’s rights to listen to a portable device without headphones is an added annoyance that no one should have to sit through.

I love it when people YouTube things and make themselves look like complete jerks. No one is on your side here, lady — but thanks for documenting it.

(photo: pingvin121674/ Shutterstock)