Mom Refuses to Let Child Be Taught by a Fat Teacher

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Choosing a school for a toddler is hard. We want our kids to be safe, to have good food, and to be in an enriching environment. Some of us want Montessori toys, art projects, organic food, music lessons, and CPR training. We might reject schools for being too big, too academic, too religious, or not religious enough. Hilary Freeman rejected a school because the teacher was fat.

Seriously. She rejected the school because the teacher was fat.

“The nursery assistant was clearly a lovely woman: kind and great with children. But as I watched her play with my two-year-old daughter, I felt a growing sense of unease,” Freeman wrote. She felt unease because the kind, lovely, and great-with-children woman was fat.

Freeman openly admitted that she wouldn’t let her daughter go to a school with fat teachers. She cites concerns that an overweight teacher couldn’t rescue a toddler from “imminent danger.” Freeman worries her daughter might learn unhealthy eating habits from a fat teacher.

And most disgustingly of all, Freeman worries that if her toddler daughter has a fat teacher, she might grow up to think that being fat is normal.

“I couldn’t help worrying about the message this was sending to the children in their care: that being very fat is normal and — when children adopt role models so readily — even desirable,” Freeman moaned.

It would have been better if Freeman sent her daughter to that school. It’s important for kids to know that bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and it doesn’t sound like Freeman will be teaching that lesson at home.

Kids should know that people come in all shapes and sizes.

In news that will surprise literally nobody, Hilary Freeman is a columnist for the Daily Mail. Odious people willing to wave their most despicable traits like a flag can always find a home at the Daily Mail. Freeman is well at home with the woman who told the world she loved her dog more than her kid and  the woman who told everyone she didn’t love her stepchildren. They’re probably sipping tea with the Daily Mail writer who threw the Christmas tree out the window and the one who sent her 9-year-old to private school so she could marry a rich guy someday.

Boy, when you put Daily Mail columnists in a pile like that, they really do look like a league of cartoon villains.

People come in all shapes and sizes. Kids should know that. They should learn to respect people, and not to judge people based on their bodies. That way, maybe they can grow up to do something besides writing terrible op-eds for the Daily Mail.

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