Hey It’s 2013, Can We Stop With Rapping Moms Being Used To Shill Cars?

youtubeI’m a mom! I’m white! I’m a fan of rap music! But that doesn’t mean that I’m not totally bored with the idea of using someone like me, a white mom who likes rap music to demonstrate how totally sick a brand of car is. It’s been done before, we’ve seen it before, we all know that moms deal with messes and rowdy kids and “bumbler husbands” who are helpless, and in this spot for the Fiat 500 Ls, not only is the husband helpless, he is pretty bad in the bedroom too.
[youtube_iframe id=”eNVde5HPhYo”]

Yeah yeah yeah, funny haha. Because all moms have kids who are this out of control and obnoxious and incapable of washing their hands. Plus, I have no clue how she is going to shove all of her brats into a tiny Fiat. The commercial is over three minutes long, which is about three minutes longer than any commercial that airs on actual television should be, so I assume it was made for the Internet and to be shared on social media. It’s totally derivative of an ad for the Toyota Sienna which was made a couple of years ago, and which was a much funnier ad with a better jam that accompanied it.

[youtube_iframe id=”ql-N3F1FhW4″]
I know car companies try and appeal to parents and the image parents have in their heads about what type of parent they are, a minivan-driving parent or a parent who wants to zip around in a sportscar, the reality of kids and hectic lives and trying to juggle parenthood and everything else, but isn’t the joke about the parents who are still trying to be “cool” and “with it” and “hip” sort of played out?

It’s 2013, can we have some new commercials geared towards parents that aren’t so obvious about the challenges we face raising tiny humans into bigger humans and don’t make it seems like we are utterly miserable in the process? This is why I like the Toyota spot better, the kids are cute and the parents seem happy even though they are dealing with the fact that they are parents. Just like real life. Except with a better soundtrack.

(photo: Youtube)

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