Mom Pours Hot Sauce Down Child’s Throat. How’s That For Discipline?

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I’ve been following the disturbing case of an Anchorage mom, 36-year-old Jessica Beagley, who poured hot sauce down her son’s throat and forced him into a cold shower as a means of discipline. Prior to even knowing the back story – which, by the way, is totally lame – I was and still am disgusted by this woman. It doesn’t take a child psychologist to figure out that she is totally warped and, dare I say it, abusive. Who pours hot sauce down their kid’s throat?

The back story, by the way, is this: Beagley submitted a video to the Dr. Phil show – it was for their “Mommy Confessions” episode – that shows her screaming at her seven-year-old son. “What happens when you lie to me? You get hot sauced!” she tells him before pouring hot sauce down his throat, followed by a cold shower. The big crime committed by this poor kid? Wriggling in his seat and pencil sword-fighting at school.

Dr. Phil aired the video and appalled viewers contacted authorities, who charged the mom with misdemeanor child abuse. Beagley’s trial began on Wednesday and she’s now facing a year in jail. Beagley’s lawyer William Ingaldson told jurors his client resorted to hot sauce because more traditional forms of punishment had not worked with the boy, reports AP. Prosecutors claim the punishment goes beyond reasonable parental discipline. (Uh, you think?!)

Look, this mother of six no doubt has her hands full. And I’m not one to judge other moms under normal circumstance. But if she’s stupid enough to do this to her child in the first place and then willingly send it in to be aired on national television, well, it makes me wonder what other crappy things she’s doing to this child – or any of her children, for that matter – behind closed doors. It’s a sad, sad story and I feel for this little boy. No matter what you choose to label her, this woman needs some serious help. You can check out the Dr. Phil video below (be warned, it’s disturbing).

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