Mom Posts Warning After Pedophile Attempts to Lure Her Daughter Over Snapchat

The Internet is never going away and it is wonderful and important, but it is also terrifying in many ways, especially when one has children. Now one U.K. mom is devastated and horrified after finding what appears to be a grown  man trying to talk her 10-year-old daughter into sending him nude photos via Snapchat. The mother even assumed her daughter’s identity and said several times that she was a child, but the guy kept pushing and asking for different types of nude photos.

According to Good Housekeeping, the mother says she checks her daughter’s phone every few days just to make sure everything she is doing is acceptable, so she must have known something was wrong when her daughter came up several days ahead of schedule and handed the phone to her mom for the regular phone check.

“She kinda told me without telling to me,” the mom said.

When she went into the phone, she saw several messages from a man going by the name Daniel Foreal,  who told her to meet him on Snapchat and send him photos. The horrified mother took over, pretending to be her 10-year-old daughter, to see what other information she could get from the guy. He told her to take a photo of her lifting up her shirt and bra, and when the mother said she didn’t have a bra, because they were for older girls, he was unphased and said to take the photo and send it to him.

He kept telling her to send him nude photos, and telling her that nobody would find out and he wouldn’t tell anyone.

The mother says her daughter brought her the phone because she felt ashamed about what was going on, even though she did nothing wrong. She said her daughter had just wanted to make friends, and found it easier to talk to people online than in real life, which is something a lot of people can relate to. But when he started asking for stuff she knew wasn’t appropriate, it’s good that she went and told her mother. That’s one of the best protections available to kids, because kids are going to have access to technology, and that brings risks. You can’t ever 100-percent protect them from the assholes of the world, but it’ll be a lot easier if they know they have adults they can come to who will help them.

A person is supposed to be 13 years old before using Snapchat, just like Instagram, but many kids don’t follow that rule.

And this wouldn’t have been acceptable if the target were 13, either. The mother originally posted screenshots of the horrible conversation to Facebook as a warning to other parents that there were people preying on children on Snapchat, but she later decided to take it down to protect her daughter’s privacy.  She also said she’s been in contact with the police, her local sheriff’s office, and the FBI.

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