Mom Of The Year: Missouri Mother Goes After Son’s Drug Dealer

mom goes after sons dealerSherrie Gavan was fighting to end her son’s heroin addiction. The Missouri mom says that her son, Clayton, started using drugs in high school. Once his addiction became apparent, the family got involved in trying to get him clean. But unfortunately, the young man’s drug supplier continued to show up at her home trying to tempt Clayton back into his old destructive patterns.

That’s when Gavan decided to approach the man she believed to be her son’s dealer. She told the police that she went to speak with the man who lives in her neighborhood, but that she felt very threatened. Apparently, he went to reach for something and Gavan got scared. That’s when the assault took place. Sherrie hit the man with a baseball bat, telling him to get away. When he continued coming towards her, she hit him with the bat again.

In talking about the confrontation, Gavan said, “”I just wanted him to leave my son alone, and stay away from where I work and stay away from where we live.”

Listen, I think I speak for the Mommyish staff when I say that we don’t normally condone violence. But this is one Mama Bear that I feel the need to stand up for. I cannot imagine the struggle of trying to help your child recover from a dangerous addiction like heroin. Clayton said of his problem, ”The first couple of times all you think about is it’s the greatest thing in the world. There’s nothing better. And everybody thinks, ”˜it’s not gonna happen to me. I can stop when I want.’ It starts with the good feeling, but then it gets to the point you’re sick when you’re not doing it. You’re throwing up constantly.”

The pain it must have caused his family to acknowledge their son’s addiction and help him recover had to be immense. And to see a negative influence continue to try to bring her son back to his dangerous habits would have to be infuriating in a way that I can’t imagine.

Mothers everywhere want to protect their children. And obviously, drug dealers prey upon weaker individuals, feeding their addictions and their insecurities. I believe that this mom was standing up for her child and protecting him from a legitimate threat.

Clayton told officers, ”With somebody that got you started on it and just won’t leave you alone.  I mean it’s always there. I mean your brain just instantly goes back to how it was when you were using.  Just thinking oh I can do it one more time.  What’s it gonna hurt?  Let’s just do it one more time.  And he’s in there talking you into it.” She was protecting him from someone who would show up at her house with the intent of providing dangerous, life-threatening drugs to her son.

For that, I have to say that I wish the Sherrie Gavan the best of luck in her upcoming trial. And also, I wish her son Clayton peace of mind and determination as he battles his addiction. A Facebook page has been made to support The Gavan Family and increase awareness about the dangers of heroin. Check it out here.

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