Mom Who Lost Toddler in Car Accident Warns Others About Booster Seat Safety

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Keeping our kids safe is a top priority for all parents. We make sure they can’t access cleaning products or sharp objects. We stop them from jumping off tall pieces of furniture. And we also use car seats in our vehicles. But sadly, not every parent realizes that car seats need to be used for an extended time, and that they need to be installed and used properly. When this happens, children get hurt—and some are even killed. One such mom, who lost her toddler in a car accident, is warning others about car seat safety in both a new YouTube video and Facebook post that are currently making the rounds.

Twelve years ago, mother Christine Miller was driving in her mini-van with her 3-year-old son, Kyle, sitting in a booster seat and wearing a seat belt. At the time, Miller believed that her son was properly protected in his booster. Unfortunately, a careless driver ran a red light and hit Miller’s van, ultimately launching the toddler out of the van. Kyle was killed on impact. Since then, Miller has dedicated her life to helping spread awareness about car seat safety, through both her Car Seat Consultants page and the Kyle David Miller Foundation. She also recently shared this important video detailing her son’s story on the anniversary of his death. It also explains why 5-point harnesses are so incredibly important.:

[youtube_iframe id=”qbdvLvscEgQ”]

So far, it’s been viewed over 277k times, and hopefully it’s saving some lives in the process.

Miller also shared this Facebook post:

The recommendations of moving a child from a 5-point harness to a booster seat is when they are between 40 and 65lbs and have outgrown the recommended weight and height of their former car seat. But there is a huge difference between 40 and 65lbs and sadly, Kyle was placed in the booster too soon. Parents are warned by Miller and others to err on the side of caution, and keep their children in their car seats for as long as possible (and rear-facing as long as possible, as well).

If you’re wondering if your car seat is properly installed, you can also head to this website and find your closest car seat inspection center. Doing so just might save your child’s life.

(Image: YouTube / Growing Humans)