Trick-Or-Treater Hits The Motherlode Thanks To Absentminded Mom

wedding ringRaising kids is hectic. You’re trying to do what feels like a million things at once, usually accompanied by some screaming kids, and things get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes I try to multitask with disastrous results, like the day I was rushed while making breakfast and accidentally threw out an entire loaf of bread but put the empty egg carton into the cabinet. No one knows the dangers of multitasking more than Brooklin Yazzie, an Arizona mom who accidentally handed her wedding ring out with the Halloween candy last Friday.

Brooklin Yazzie from Mesa, Arizona was carving pumpkins with her daughter on Halloween afternoon. She took off her wedding ring and placed it in a candy jar for safekeeping, and in the hustle of the holiday, forgot about it. Later in the night while handing out candy, she dumped the jar containing the ring into a bigger bowl of candy and plastic princess themed rings, where it vanished into the pillowcase of some very lucky trick-or-treater.

Yazzie has been married for ten years. She and her husband have two daughters and they are expecting a third child. She says the ring isn’t particularly valuable, she estimates it would sell for around $50, but she is desperate to get the ring back because of its sentimental value. She has put up flyers and the story ran on the local news station, but so far no one has come forward.

I sympathize with Yazzie completely. I can totally see how this could happen and frankly I’m surprised more women don’t have stories about lost rings. While my own wedding band is nothing snazzy, I would be devastated if it went missing. Besides all the memories attached to the object, I would relive the night over and over in my head wondering if maybe I moved it somewhere else and forgot. Sure, it’s just a possession and it can be replaced, but it still sucks.

I can think of a couple scenarios to explain why the ring hasn’t been returned. While I would love to imagine that somewhere a thrilled little girl wearing an Elsa costume has realized she really IS a princess and is now clutching that ring like Gollum and keeping it secret and safe, most parents inspect younger kids’ candy inventory to inspect it for dangers. By ‘inspect’ I mean steal half the Reese’s peanut butter cups. So it’s likely that if a younger kid got the mother of all Halloween treats in their sack it would have been returned already.

Maybe a teen trick-or-treater won the prize. If so, let’s hope the youth of tomorrow has enough decency to return it or at least put it to good use by pledging their love to a high school sweetheart.

Regardless of where the ring is now, my wish for Yazzie is for a quick return. If not, I hope she can forgive herself and then get a fabulous new ring, perhaps as a push present for the birth of her new baby. She may not have her original wedding ring to pass on to her children, but at least she will have quite a story about how she got the new one that’s much more interesting than the typical “he got down on one knee and then I said yes.”


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