Mom Loses Custody Of Newborn After Eating Poppy Seeds

Imagine being pregnant, giving birth, having a routine blood test and then having your newborn taken away because your blood test shows that you’re a druggie. That’s pretty much what happened to Pennsylvania mom Eileen Bower, who lost custody of her baby boy after testing positive for opiates. Here’s the crazy party: Just before giving birth, Bower ate a salad with with poppy seed dressing, and she believes that’s what led to the positive test results. (As little as a single bagel with poppy seeds can produce a false-positive test for these drugs.)

Bower is suing the Lawrence County Department of Children and Youth Services for taking custody of her baby for 75 days as a result of the blood test, reports ABC News. Bower’s attorney, Stanley T. Booker, told ABC News that the routine blood test uncovered trace amounts of opiates in her system. “They couldn’t even put a range on the amount,” he explains. But the hospital contacted Child and Youth Services (CYS), as is its policy, and there was an order to take custody of the newborn.

Elizabeth Mort is suing both Jameson Hospital and the county’s child protection agency for a nearly identical case. According to ABC News, Mort says she at an everything bagel with poppy seeds on it shortly before she gave birth to her daughter. Like Bower, she tested positive for opiates. “When CYS showed up at my house and told me that I tested positive for opiates, I was shocked. I had to ask what opiates were, and they had told me it was a drug,” she said.

Assuming these women truly are drug-free (which I believe they are), could you imagine the horror?! Yet another reason why home births may be safer after all. Just kidding. In all honesty, what a total nightmare. We wish both these women lots of luck and will be following their stories.



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