I Love My Baby Carrier Too, But Not Enough To Get Kicked Off A Plane

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Lehmacher goes on to note that he received a letter from Gazlay’s husband, who works for an airline. According to Lehmacher, being part of the industry means this family should have known better than most the rules of child restraints on an airplane.

Some parents might say this is the airline’s fault for not having a consistent policy but I think Lehmacher’s point, however painful the burn may be, is valid.

I’m a hardcore lover of the Ergo, my boys are two now and we still use them backpack style for walks and crowded outings. Honestly, if they made an Ergo big enough for a school aged kids, i’d probably buy it, that’s how much I love the thing. But when a flight attendant tells me to do something, I listen.

I flew with my twins at seven months, eleven months, and thirteen months. When I checked the policies of the airline we were flying regarding infant carriers before our first flight, I saw similar rules to those of Frontier. Like Gazlay I’ve experienced inconsistent enforcement of that rule throughout my flights.

Some flight attendants made us take the babies out of the carriers for the entire flight, others asked the babies to be out for take off and landing, and on other flights, no one said a word and my husband and I smiled slyly at each other because we knew we were getting away with something. Our babies were just fine when they were allowed to stay in their carriers, they seemed happy and I had my arms free to flip through the Skymall catalog. The rule seems pointless to me, but I’m not an expert on airline safety, and that’s probably why.

I’m happy Frontier is standing behind its employees. Yes, the policies should be uniform across the board and with stories like this in the news I wouldn’t be surprised to see stricter enforcement of these rules going forward. But even if they don’t always make sense to us, we still have to abide by them. Flying is a privilege, not a right, and it’s time for people to stop fighting with the flight attendants who know better than we do.

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