Woman Unexpectedly Gives Birth At Her Own Baby Shower As Guests Randomly Morph Into Super Midwives

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outdoor baby showerThis is precisely why you ladies need to get on the baby shower planning. If you wait too long and schedule all that cupcake binging until the very last month in your pregnancy, you risk going into labor with all your friends downstairs sipping lemonade out of baby bottles without you. Which is what happened to first-time mother Anna Smith in Hull, East Yorks.

Daily Mail reports that the 33-year-old dismissed herself from the festivities because she was experiencing stomach cramps. Because she was two weeks out from her due date (and experiencing her first go round at birthing), she apparently “dismissed” the cramps as no biggie. Still, Anna remained upstairs for quite awhile as guests probably started to eat all her pastries without her.

When her friends came to check up on her, Anna was experiencing contractions six minutes a part. Someone had the sense to call the hospital, who told the baby shower guest to not bother bringing Anna in until her contractions were three minutes later. That’s when a romantic comedy started:

Anna’s friends – her bridesmaids Vicky Hook and Helen Rimmer and her brother’s partner Emma Booth – acted as midwives for little baby Martha’s birth…

‘I can’t really remember much of it, but I remember Emma saying “The baby’s coming”.

‘I was shocked at how quick it all was – it was all very surreal. Vicky and Helen have been friends for years and we’ve been through so much together.

‘First they were my bridesmaids and then they were my midwives.’

You and me both, Anna! I love my friends dearly but a Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Kate Hudson trio who can both magically keep my nips from slipping out of my wedding dress and then “ZOMG let’s totes deliver this baby!” they are certainly not.

To round out this chick flick right, nervous baby shower guests downstairs (who were told mid snack-snarfing, THE BABY IS COMING), reportedly clapped and cheered when they heard newborn Martha scream upstairs.

And for the smug pregnant guest who most likely perused all those cupcakes and thought “my shower will be better than this,” sadly you’ve been topped.

(photo:  CopperKitchenMD)