The 10 Most Awkward Mom-To-Mom Conversations

young loveThis afternoon, I get to talk to a mother whose son is apparently in love with my daughter. He’s so in love, he’s stealing his mom’s jewelry to woo over my 5-year-old. So now, this momma and I have to sit down and discuss what to do about our affectionate kindergartners. And let me tell you, I just can’t wait!

This upcoming conversation got me thinking about all of the awkward talks I’ve had, and will soon be having, with other mothers. From playdate drama to tween social issues, our moms have a lot of time to haltingly attempt not to offend each other while discussing our offspring.

As our kids make friends at school and extra curricular activities, we get to meet all kinds of parents that we’re just expected to get along with. We all sit around the same gym waiting for practice to end. We all make idle chit-chat over greasy pizza at birthday parties. And we try not to say anything that will make another parent upset. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid a weird and tense run-in.

So we at Mommyish put together a list of the most cringe-inducing mom drama. Make sure to let us know if we forgot your favorite bit of passive-aggressive mommy chatter.


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