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Narcissist Mom Sells Daughter’s Concert Tickets, Then Brags About It On The Internet

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I know that teenagers can be difficult, but I am really over this trend of ‘tough love’ parents bragging about punishing their kids on the internet.

Cindy Bjerke, from Fargo,North Dakota bought her 18-year-old daughter tickets to Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour, which, if you are a teenager into pop music, is a HUGE deal. And then Bjerke’s daughter did what teenagers do, acted like a brat, so her mom sold the tickets on a closed Online Garage Sale Facebook group.

But instead of just posting the tickets for sale, Bjerke took the opportunity to make sure everyone who saw the listing knew she was doing it because she was such an awesome disciplinarian.


Since the olden days when we put people in the stocks, Americans have loved a public shaming; so of course the tickets sold in less five minutes and Bjerke’s comments about her daughter received over 200 likes in just an hour. The post got so much attention that the group administrators had to delete her post entirely.

Teenagers can be brats. I get it. My own kids have a while to go before they hit the teen years, but my own mother has no problems telling me what a overly dramatic, entitled, sulky snot I was in high school, and I really was. I spent a lot of time being grounded and even more time doing chores around the house to reduce my sentence. I probably said ‘You’re ruining my life!’ and ‘Can I go to the movies?’ way more often than ‘I love you’ or even ‘Hi, Mom”. But still, taking away concert tickets seems like an over the top punishment. Music is such a big form of self expression, especially for teens who are defining their personalities. My parents gave me tickets to my first concert as a middle school graduation gift, and it remains one of my best childhood memories. I don’t know what Bjerke’s daughter did to deserve her tickets being taken away, but I think being 18 and having to explain to your friends why you aren’t going to go to the concert would be punishment enough in my book. There was no need to tell the whole internet as well.

Facebook has a ton of privacy settings, and Bjerke did post her ad in a closed Facebook group, but it was a closed group with over 17,000 members, none of which needed to know this family’s private business. Besides, closed group or not, putting something on the internet in any forum means you are opening yourself up to the risk that someone else shares it without your permission and with her cutesy font and ‘spoiled brat’ message, I think Bjerke was looking for internet confirmation of her superior parenting skills.

At the end of the day, its not my kid, so it’s not my call. Parents can punish their children as they see fit, but I would respect strict punishments like this one much more if mom and dad weren’t simultaneously looking for a parenting gold star from the internet.