Mom Abandons Children, 5 And 3, On Brooklyn Sidewalk

brooklyn mom abandons childrenThis photo on the left just kills me. Pictured are 5-year-old Domini and 3-year-old Diani little girls shown clutching disposable diapers after being abandoned Sunday on a Brooklyn sidewalk. Their mom, Dalisha Adams, allegedly left them there and then drove away. According to reports, an elderly couple found them wandering up and down the street hours later.

The older one, Domini, told officers their mother’s first name and that she was driving a white car. She also said they lived in “a blue house with flowers in front.”

Police went door to door in an attempt to identify the children and, late last night, they showed up at Adams’ apartment in the Breukelen public-housing complex on Glenwood Road near East 105th Street around a mile and a half from where the girls were left. Adams, 26, has been charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child. [tagbox tag=”bad parenting”]

The New York Daily News reports that a neighbor of Adams said she often heard the mother screaming at the girls and their older sister. ”She was always yelling at the kids, ”˜Shut the f— up,’” she said. ”One day, I heard her curse out the little baby, ”˜I’ll punch you in the f—— face.”

Fortunately, the girls were not harmed, and they’ve been placed in the care of the Administration for Children’s Services (no word on whether there’s a father in the picture). It’s a heart-breaking story, to be sure, and I feel for these little girls. We hear horrible stories all the time unfathomable ones about mothers and children, and I’m just grateful that these two girls were found unharmed.


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