Mom Cuts Open Sophie the Giraffe, and What’s Inside of Her is Completely Disgusting

sophie the giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is ubiquitous at baby yoga classes throughout America. She’s a tasteful, organic, aspirational baby teether that signifies better than any designer stroller that your child is a fancy child, and kids  love her. (She also stars in a series of very good baby and toddler books that will teach a child colors and numbers better than anything.)  But now it looks like in spite of her fancypants aesthetic and high-end price tag, she’s actually super gross inside.

Pediatric dentist Dana Chianese told Good Housekeeping’s Lauren Smith that she’s been recommending the posh teethers to her patients for years, and her own baby son was using Sophie. She loved Sophie and said that Sophie was her son’s favorite teether, but she became suspicious when she started to notice a “musty” smell coming from inside the toy. Sophie has a tiny hole to let air out when she’s squished, but it’s impossible to see inside a Sophie, so Chianese decided that she wasn’t going to take any risks with the weird smell, and she cut Sophie in half to find the toy was full of gross, black mold.

“I decided to cut into Sophie out of curiosity and discovered a science experiment living inside,” Chianese said to “Smelly, ugly mold living in my infant’s favorite chew toy!”

Chianese says she’s always followed Sophie’s cleaning instructions, which say to clean the toy with a damp cloth and never submerge her or rinse her off, because water could get in her that way. But Sophie is a rubber toy designed to go in a child’s mouth, so it’s difficult to guarantee that no moisture is ever going to get near that hole.

Chianese is not the first person to discover a mold farm inside her baby’s chew toy. Two reviewers on Amazon posted photos of their own cut-open Sophie, and they found the same thing.





Sophie is adorable, and kids love her, but nobody wants their baby putting a toy full of black mold in their mouth. Mold in a toy is not likely to hurt a kid–Sophie’s been enormously popular for decades, and people are still using her–but it’s still pretty gross to look at.

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