TGI Friday Open Thread: Let’s All Complain In This Bacon And B*tching Party!

baconI was going to devote this Open Thread to how sad I am about Koa leaving but because she wrote her amazing post about leaving, I thought I would dedicate this post to general bitchery because you know why? Because awesome reader Amber Starr said we all could bitch!

Screen Shot 2013-10-11 at 1.32.16 PM

You guys, it’s an old fashioned bacon and bitching party so have at it! I bitched to you all mightily earlier so now you get to tell us your problems. Kids driving you insane? Spouse acting like an idiot? Do you have to spend all weekend cleaning your house? I HOPE NOT THAT IS THE WORST. I have had many a day where the ONLY thing that gave me any joy was yammering over stuff with you readers. Mommyish is like therapy at times.

My woes right now are that I’m going to miss Koa like crazy, my houseguest keeps walking around sighing, and I seriously have no alcohol in my house and OMG I NEED ALCOHOL.

So if you have alcohol, pour some and cook some bacon or some fake bacon and bitch away. Let’s all have a good ‘ol bacon and bitching party so we can go back to being the lovely parents that we all truly are.

Go Go Go! Tell us your woes! And yes, you are allowed to complain about this picture of bacon because you are a vegetarian!

(Image: Joe Gough/shutterstock)


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