Mom Comes Up With the BEST Solution to Keep Kids Away When You Need to Use the Washroom

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(Facebook / Mommas helping Mommas)

Ah, bathroom privacy. You might remember what that was like. Stepping inside, turning on the lights, closing (and locking) the door behind you. And no one bangs or cries and whines about anything just outside the door, either. It’s just you and your moment of zen. But if you’re a mom, it’s probably been a while since that actually happened.

One mom decided to take matters into her own hands, though, by writing out the best bathroom privacy sign yet. No, it doesn’t just say, “Go Away,” or “Stay Out,” although those are perfectly reasonable requests. There’s more to it. See for yourself:

Odds are this mom has been at the parenting game for a while. For one, her sign insinuates that her kid (or kids) can read. It also presupposes that they are old enough to ask and answer lengthy questions, and that they have the ability to write notes. Coherent notes, even. Ones that they would dare slip into her cavern of quiet while she does her business, thus ruining her aforementioned moment of zen.

Facebook / Mommas helping Mommas

Facebook / Mommas helping Mommas

The LOL-worthy sign was posted and shared on the Mommas helping Mommas Facebook group, where it’s already been shared more than 1,300 times (odd are by lots of other moms tired of being interrupted).

I’d post it on my own door if my kiddo was old enough to read it. Maybe someday.