19 Mom-Themed Cocktails To Make For Your Next Playdate

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9. This mom cocktail is EXTREMELY our jam.

mom cocktail
Image: iStock / Alinakho

Give us allllllll the light and refreshing mom cocktails for the spring and summer months. This one is called Mother’s Blush, which is so cute we can’t stand it. It’s the perfect mom cocktail for brunch, a baby shower, Mother’s Day, or just for funsies. To make the Mother’s Blush mom cocktail, you’ll need Aperol, grapefruit juice, and prosecco. Add an ounce each of the Aperol and grapefruit juice to a champagne flute, then top with the prosecco. You can add a little garnish of twisted grapefruit peel if you’re feeling fancy! This one has us dreaming of pool parties and appetizers, that’s for sure.

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