19 Mom-Themed Cocktails To Make For Your Next Playdate

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8. This mom cocktail is called The Mother, and whooo boy is it a baddie.

mom ccocktail
Image: iStock / TravisLincoln

Remember when you were young, and drinking was more of an extreme sport? So you’d mix a bunch of stuff together and sort of hope for the best. That’s basically what The Mother is, and we’re not sure how we feel about it. It combines a few hard liquors plus beer, which doesn’t exactly sound appetizing? But hey, maybe you’re into it. To make The Mother, raid your liquor cabinet for vodka, gin, sweet and sour, and grenadine. Pour one ounce of each into a shaker with ice, then pour into a collins glass. Then (and here’s the kicker), top with beer to taste. To taste … what, we’re not exactly sure. But you let us know if you try it, lol.

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