This Mom Couldn’t Discipline Her Kid, So She Just Had Him Arrested Instead

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lights-on-top-of-police-carMost parents find themselves at a loss when trying to discipline rowdy kids who refuse to listen, but that doesn’t mean we give up on getting through and call the cops to help us traumatize the snot out of them. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what one Georgia mom did, and now her decision is being met with some mixed reactions.

According to WRBL, Chiquita Hill was at her wit’s end trying to discipline her 10-year-old son, Sean, for being disrespectful to his teacher. Her son had been talking back to his teacher and not completing his school work, to the extent that his teacher made a house call one afternoon to speak to his mother about his issues in the classroom. Hill said she was out of ideas, as previous disciplinary measures had failed, so she decided the best course of action was to call the police and have Sean arrested.

Hill says her son didn’t believe her until Columbus police officers showed up at the door and put him in handcuffs. “It happened so quick he didn’t know what to do” she says.

Hill says they put him in the patrol car and pretended to take him to jail. “One of the officers got in the car, flashed the lights and just stepped off the brakes to give him a scare..I don’t know what they said to him but he came running down the hill, gave me a big hug said, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she says.

In case that wasn’t humiliating and traumatizing enough, Hill also took photos and video of the incident and posted them to her social media accounts. They’ve since been shared hundreds of times and some are even comparing Hill to Toya Gray, the ‘hero’ mom recorded beating her son last week for participating in the Baltimore uprising.

Hill was acting from a place of concern, but it’s hard to argue that what she did was right. Not only did she scare the living shit out of her son, but she also posted it to social media where anyone — including his peers — could see and mock him. She turned whatever valuable lessons she was trying to teach him into a spectator sport. On top of all of that, she wasted police funds and effort.

The Columbus police said they’re happy to help anyone who needs it, but also issued a public reminder that they’re extremely busy and don’t have time to make house calls for everyone whose kid is giving them a hard time. That really shouldn’t need to be said, and it’s honestly surprising they even entertained this. Let’s hope Sean doesn’t act up again because after this fiasco the only option this mom has is to get the president and the FBI involved.

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