Mom Caves? Is This Response To Man Caves Necessary Or Healthy?

Via designer Courtney Cachet, I learn of a new commercial culture attempt to push a trend: Mom Caves. She asks “what the f*ck is a Mom Cave?” and it is a good question. She says it’s clearly some marketing team’s genius answer to the Man Cave trend. But while Man Caves are a “total home decor phenomenon,” Mom caves aren’t. Man caves rock because they include totally awesome sound systems, audio-visual systems, pool tables, bars and sports paraphernalia. They are fun to design. But what would Mom caves even be?

Mom Caves, by contrast, are not entire rooms, but “nooks” and “little spaces”, “even a closet will do nicely” one article on Mom Caves stated! Also, you better like pink, damask and Rococo. Maybe we’ll do crafts or think up new Bundt cake recipes in there! Then we’ll pipe in some meditation music so we can “chill out” or meditate in our “sanctuary”. My sanctuary? Sanctuary?? My husband would be checking me into the psych ward in a hot minute.

She then complains that while Man Caves are entire rooms, floors or basements with cool gadgetry and home decor, women only get closets or nooks and a scented candle and cheesy music.

But come on, there’s a reason why God invented Man Caves and that reason is that we women are almost always designing the rest of the house. How many dads pick out floral designs for the drapes or dainty shabby chic chairs or an assortment of different-sized pillows. I mean, many of us do the design together but many women dominate that field. It’s not too often that a man is enforcing his industrial chic views on the infant, for instance. Man caves arose for a darn good design reason — in addition to a request for time away from the wife and kids.

Look at the picture here — tell me how that space looks different from what we call “corner of the living room”? Except much more pink. A nauseating amount of pink, really.

Mom caves, on the other hand, are really a more pure example of crying out for a moment away from all the pressure of home life. Skip the redesign of precious home space and just spend the cash the way normal people do — with pedicures and/or a pitcher of margaritas.

I’m with Cachet — leave the mom cave behind.

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