Mom Calls Police After Impatient Father Physically Removes Her Child From Swing And I Don’t Blame Her

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A Sydney mother called the police over the weekend when an impatient father lifted her child out of a swing. Apparently the father thought he’d been waiting long enough, when the mother told him they would be just five more minutes. I hate moms who are swing hogs, but I’m pretty sure I hate dads who put their hands on someone else’s child more.

Elaine Stack, owner of a children’s boutique in Sydney, witnessed the altercation and posted a story about it on her Facebook page:

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The mom called the police. Some of the commenters thought she had gone overboard. I’m veering on the side that she was well within her rights. You don’t put your hands on someone else’s child and think that there are going to be no consequences, sorry. I seriously doubt he would have done that if a large, muscular father were there pushing the small girl, so I really think there is a gross element of bullying involved here, too. What kind of a man puts his hands on a small child that isn’t his, and clearly tries to intimidate a woman? Not okay.

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I’ve been annoyed with a parent at the park who acted like there was no one waiting in a swing line before. I generally hate all people who act oblivious to social “rules” like that. But reducing yourself to an even worse person than the one you have a problem with is just dumb.  It’s not great behavior to be modeling for kids – on either side.


“Police attended the scene, there was a dispute over one child staying on the swing longer than reasonable. The police spoke to both parties, and no offence was detected by the police. Neither party wanted to make a further complaint. From the information police had at the scene there was no incident.”

The bottom line is that it’s not okay to physically handle another person’s child – I don’t care if you’ve been waiting for an hour. Walk away. Take a deep breath. Realize you are at a park and get a grip. Not saying this swing hog woman was right, just saying I can’t see past this father’s physical actions to even consider his side.

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