Mom Breastfeeds Baby At American Girl Store, Told To Move Elsewhere

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I always knew American Girl dolls were evil despite their cult-like following (they’re too Village of the Damned for my liking). Even so, the American Girl retail locations are beyond packed at all hours with little girls and their mommies living out their ultimate fantasy. Excluding one woman, that is, who was allegedly kicked out of the Fifth Avenue New York store’s sitting area late last week for breastfeeding.

The woman’s husband, David, tweeted about the incident: “Wife kicked out of NYC #AmericanGirl store sitting area 4 breastfeeding. Went 2 fitting room. Employees outside, talking loudly about her.”

“She called me after it happened and was pretty upset. Completely unacceptable,” he writes in a follow-up post. And then, “No one should be made to feel this way about feeding her child.”

Oh, the irony! Sure, you might expect this type of sickening behavior on a public bus, for example, as was the case earlier this month when a driver told a nursing woman to cover up or get out. But at an American Girl store geared especially towards moms and kids? That’s just weird. (Hey, if this woman were in Philly, she could have called the Milk Breast Truck – a sort of feeding area on wheels designed especially for these types of situations.)

There’s been much discussion lately about a woman’s right to breastfeed. On this site alone, we’ve sparked a debate about lactivists (editor Mollie Hemingway, who nursed both her babies, thinks they take things way too far) and about a UK woman in a multicultural community center who, after attempting to breastfeed her son, was told to leave so as not to offend Muslims.

On Twitter, people are already threatening to boycott American Girl and many supporters have commented on David’s page telling him they stand behind him. David is thankful for the support and says his wife will be writing a letter to the company. Of course, this is an isolated incident and more of a reflection on these random salespeople than on the company as a whole. Still, we all know about the power of media. Let the Twit wars begin!

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