Epic Mom Becomes Her Daughter’s Personal Bodyguard After School Allegedly Does Jack About Bullying

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security jackBullying in schools can leave a lot of parents feeling utterly helpless. It’s probably the first time in the child’s life in which mothers and fathers can’t necessarily get up in the bully’s face and be like, “you said what now?” Unless your mom is Jill Trahan-Hardy. And then that’s definitely what’s happening.

The reports that Trahan-Hardy has become her 11-year-old daughter’s “near-constant guardian in the hallways, at recess and during lunch” at the permission of Earl Haig Public School. The mother is reportedly at her daughter’s class the moment the bell rings to chaperon her to and from classes — a measure that she fully acknowledges as “ridiculous.”

But she claims that Earl Haig has done exactly squat about her daughter Harley Campos being bullied, aside from measly day and a half suspensions for those responsible parties Other than that, the school has given the family the following options: Harley can sit in the school office during lunch or change schools. That’s it.

And we’re talking threats of violence on this one:

Trahan-Hardy said she first brought her concerns about bullying to teachers in March. But she began to truly fear for the safety of her daughter, Harley Campos, when her alleged tormenters — two Grade 7 girls — confronted her during the lunch hour early last week.

According to an audio recording of the interaction, the older girls repeatedly threatened to beat up the Grade 5 student for talking behind their backs, and making quips about one of their mothers who had recently passed away — allegations Harley denies.

Trahan-Hardy pulled her daughter out of school, and brought the recording, made with another student’s iPhone, to administrators. But she was unhappy with the day-and-a-half suspension she said the older students received, and upset by the fixes the school offered…

“She is being punished for being bullied,” Trahan-Hardy said. “It’s unacceptable.”

Trahan-Hardy also hit up the police on this matter, and although there was an investigation, no charges came to fruition.

Earl Haig is described as “very safe and supportive community” according to the co-chair of the school council and many of the other parents. But what would they know about it? They’re grownup parents who move around the world as grownup parents. I’m sure their experience of the school is quite different than that of the 11-year-olds actually moving about the hallways as children.

Having your mom as your personal bodyguard might have warranted even more threats of pummeling years ago, but Harley is being harassed no longer. Of course, her mother can’t necessarily be her recess bodyguard for life.

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