Mom Wastes Perfectly Good Alcohol By Giving It To Her Teen Daughter Who Ended Up In Hospital

shutterstock_69401134I have said before that I’m never going to be the COOL mom who throws keg parties for her teens or who offers their stupid little friends glasses of wine when they come over. I expect my kids to steal my booze when they are older just like I did with my own parents. I let my older kids have a sip of my wine at home and if it’s a super awesome celebration time they can have a tiny juice glass of prosecco or something, but they usually would rather have a celebratory soda. Which is why I am a much better mom than this mom in Connecticut who got her 14-year-old daughter so shitfaced that the poor thing had to go to the hospital. From the Daily Mail:

A Connecticut mother has been accused of giving her 14-year-old daughter several margaritas in a family restaurant and getting the girl so drunk that she required hospital treatment.

Police arrested Joann Goulet LePage, 51, of East Hampton, on February 27 after other diners noticing something strange happening at the neighboring table.

The restaurant manager called 911 when he observed the teenager ‘stumbling’ when she tried to walk. LePage has been charged with risk of injury to a minor.

Doy, everyone knows you don’t give teens alcohol in public because it’s illegal, you get them drunk at home where no one can see you doing it. We can all speculate as to why this lovely mom decided to get her daughter drunk in public, excellent grade on an AP English assignment? The daughter just broke up with her boyfriend? Really bad birthday celebration and Chuck E Cheese was closed? But the mom was just probably falling under the spell of “Cool Mom Syndrome” and wanted to like, be friends with her daughter. Blargh. I feel bad because the poor girl is only 14 and alcohol poisoning can be an incredibly dangerous thing. And that age is just way too young to be drinking so much that you actually require an ambulance being called. Hell, I’m a grownass grown lady and I’ve never even been that drunk.

Another patron at the Puerto Vallarta Mexican restaurant in Middletown told police that the girl seemed already drunk when the mother and daughter arrived.

According to Eyewitness News, the manager took the drink away and told LePage they both had to leave. But when Rodriguez noticed how inebriated the girl appeared, he called police and an ambulance.

When officers arrived they described the girl as ‘highly intoxicated.’ She was taken to Middlesex Hospital for medical treatment and is now in her father’s custody.

At least she is now in her father’s custody, and hopefully he doesn’t also like to party with his daughter. I’m not trying to be a Judgey McJudgerson here, but people really shouldn’t get their teens drunk. Also, I am the worst person to take to a Mexican restaurant because all I want are margaritas and chips and salsa. I’m just not a huge fan of Mexican food, and I have eaten at some really well-reviewed places. But I always want to go to them because I love any booze that involves a salted rim and I really love chips and salsa. I will share chips and salsa with my kids but there is no way in hell I am giving them a sip of my margarita. I’m a mean mom like that.

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