Talking To Your Teen About Sex Is One Thing, Using Sex Toys In Front Of Her Is Another

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twisterTalking to your teens about issues like sex and masturbation is important. While most parents want to have the type of relationship with their kids where the child is comfortable coming them with questions about their bodies, it’s still a good idea to keep some boundaries for the sake of privacy.

The line between close and creepy might vary from family to family, but we can probably all agree that some things are hands down inappropriate. In a night even Regina George’s mom would disapprove of, Rachel Lynn Lehnardt from Evans, GA allegedly played naked Twister with her teen aged daughter’s friends before pleasuring herself with sex toys in front of them.

From NBC26.TV comes the details of a house party gone way too far. According to the police incident report, Lehnardt received a text message from her 16-year-old daughter, who was at her dad’s house, asking Lehnardt if she could come over with some friends to party. Lehnardt allegedly agreed and allowed the teens to come to her house to drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. Lehnardt allegedly joined in the party. She allegedly played naked Twister with the teens before having sex with an 18-year-old boy. She then used sex toys in front the teens before they all got into the hot tub together. The incident report also claims Lehnardt showed her daughter pictures of herself having sex and that Lehnardt awoke at 3:30 the following morning to find she was having sex with her daughter’s boyfriend.

What Lehnardt did was wrong on so many levels. It will forever make me rethink letting my children go to a house party because I believe a parent will be present and therefore the party can’t get too far out of hand. But in her defense, her arrest came after she shared the details of the party to her Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor, so it appears she is aware of the inappropriateness of her actions and is taking steps to change her behaviors and deal with her addictions.

Lehardt met with her sponsor to discuss her plans for sobriety and shared the story of how she came to lose custody of her five children. When the sponsor heard the details about the house party, they contacted the police. Lehnardt is being charged with at least two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Here’s sincerely hoping her arrest will not sidetrack her on the road to recovery and that somehow her relationship with her daughter can survive this.

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